Why Silver Cabs Melbourne Are Better Than Uber?

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In short, Silver cabs are a better choice of travel for Melbournians, travellers, and tourists alike. Though Uber is mostly cheap and can be viable. However, surge fees can happen at times and are unreliable at times.  This is why choosing the right mode of transportation can be pivotal to your day. Whether you’ve come to Melbourne for a business meeting, or looking for a comfortable ride to your hotel, the choice often boils down to Silver Cabs versus Uber. In this blog, we’ll delve into why Silver Cabs Melbourne not only meets but exceeds the expectations set by Uber, especially when it comes to reliability, cost-efficiency, and bespoke services.

Professionalism and Reliability

Silver Cabs Melbourne prides itself on its professionalism and reliability. Each driver is meticulously screened and trained to ensure the highest standards of service. Unlike the more casual approach of Uber drivers, Silver Cabs’ drivers are seasoned professionals, providing not just a ride but a comprehensive taxi service. Whether you’re looking for a taxi service Camberwell, Toorak, Essendon, or Laverton, expect a punctual and courteous service every time.

Tailored Taxi Services for Every Occasion

Corporate Cars Melbourne

For business professionals, first impressions are crucial. Our corporate cars guarantee elegance and professionalism and are perfect for business travelers needing to make their mark upon arrival.

Cheap Taxi to Melbourne Airport

Budget-conscious travellers often seek a cheap taxi to Melbourne Airport. We offer competitive rates without compromising service quality, making them a superior choice to Uber for airport transfers.

Hotel Transfers Melbourne and Beyond

Whether you’re heading to a hotel in the heart of Melbourne or the scenic area of Toorak, Silver Cabs ensures a seamless transfer. Their understanding of the local area surpasses that of the average Uber driver, providing a smooth and efficient journey to your destination.


When it comes to taxi fares, we offer a transparent pricing model without the surge pricing often associated with Uber. This means you can enjoy a cheap taxi Melbourne airport service without the worry of unexpected costs, especially during peak times.

When it comes to choosing a transportation service in Melbourne, Silver Cabs Melbourne offers an unmatched level of service that caters for a wide range of taxi services, making them a superior choice over Uber for anyone seeking a reliable taxi service in Melbourne. We also provide our taxis in Camberwell, Toorak, Essendon, Melton and Laverton. Next time you need a cab, call us at 03 8714 3651 today.